Thursday, June 8, 2017

Update thingamajigger

Hello again, fellow Earth beings (if anyone even remembers that I exist and still occasionally reads this monstrosity).

1) I like how I said I was interested in using this blog again in my bio/description, but I completely abandoned it for another half a year after posting, like, 4 things.

2) Everything on this blog is a mess. I do not like.

3) I'm now speaking like a teenager from another planet who has developed over 40 brain tumors in the last several months, and I am very sorry.

4) I still adore the name my mom came up with for this blog, but I'm not sure it fits anymore. It's not like I have new ideas for a blog title, but since I am this close to being completely braindead I probably won't be posting anything "creative" for a very long time, if ever again, and the name of this blog makes it sound like I'm going to be doing just that. I might not even continue to use this blog after this post, but I have an idea for what I'll use it for. You see, in the past several months, I have slowly become what most people would call an "animal freak." I have this new appreciation for animals and have done way too much research on how to care for them, and now I own a nearly full binder of facts, care sheets, charts and graphs, and whatever else. My betta fish, who lived in a half gallon, now lives in what I believe is a heated 5.5 gallon tank, like he should. I mean, I know the tank is heated, but I haven't ever done tests to determine how many gallons it is. My rabbit now comes out every day and I also give her fresh veggies daily, like I should have from the beginning. I made space for a new addition who was named by his breeder "Disco," He's a small but fierce gecko who I'm doing my best to care for correctly. I also still own cats, but now there are 4, I'm also hoping to get some new additions for a 35 gallon tank sitting next to me right now, but I'm gonna have to wait a while before even considering asking my dad, who doesn't like animals in the slightest, for yet another best friend.

tl;dr: I like animals.
A lot.

Point is, I would love to have a blog where I shared absolutely everything about my pets and the research I am most definitely still doing. I could also post rants about idiot parents letting their very young child who can't tell the difference between a gerbil or a hamster walk into a pet store and buy what the child called a gerbil but was actually a Syrian hamster right after pointing at a gerbil and saying, "ew, that looks like a rat." Yes, this actually happens, and there is video proof. I watched a video the other day and that is exactly what happened. I'd link it, but I don't know if anyone reads this anymore, so what would be the point? I'll link it anyway.

I would honestly adore the whole ranting thing because this kind of thing happens way too often and it irritates me a TON. There are millions of videos on YouTube proving it. Animals are, in fact, LIVING CREATURES and if parents are willingly taking their kid to get this LIVE ANIMAL without checking to make sure they know what they're getting into, then the animal can get into serious danger. Kids seem to naturally be interested in animals (at least most of them are) and the really young ones have no clue what they're doing. Their parents should know this. You don't have to be Einstein to know that kids don't automatically know how to take care of an animal just by looking at it. As for the older ones who can do the research on their own - you're at fault, too. Those cases don't bother me as much, especially if they're minor mistakes and the person is willingly taking advice from other people on how to care for these pets. However, when the person is denying that they're doing anything wrong, that they've done their research and "you don't know what you're talking about," THAT'S when I get angry.

Aside from all of that, I could also discuss and share opinions on care-related topics that are pretty controversial. Like, for example, I could talk about the feeding of live food to snakes, or maybe the process of ordering an animal and having it shipped to you in a box.

Once again, I don't know if anyone cares about this stuff or if anyone still reads my blog, but this is something I'd totally do, and I'd actually use my blog because these are things I'm truly passionate about.

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