Sunday, August 14, 2016


Yesterday, I went with my mom to pick up my brother's girlfriend. She had been in Spain for about 6 weeks. My brother is at AT (Army National Guard training), so he couldn't pick her up himself.
Since the airport was really close to my grandparents' house, we decided to stop there for a little while.
I got to see my grandparents (which I hadn't in a while) and I got a few neat gifts from them. They gave me a cool Pokemon-themed box and lots of food that my family could bring home. One of the foods that we got was a type of farmer's cheese that is unique to the upper Midwest. You really can't get it anywhere else. It's one of my favorite cheeses of all time because of how my mom makes it. She puts a large piece of foil over a burner on our stove and turns on the heat. She places butter on the foil and spreads it out. After she cuts the cheese (har har har), she places the little pieces on the foil and sprinkles some salt over it. For some reason, the cheese is really good when it's all melty and seasoned like that.
The rest of the day was good. When we came home, we talked and laughed and had a nice time. I got to enjoy one of the cheeses, too.

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