Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Creative Writing Idea #1

Edit (as of June 2017): This is old and gross.

(Just a pretty spooky story. I don't know what to think of it since I didn't do any research and only used the information I had already known. I obviously wouldn't do that if I wanted to actually write and publish this entire story, but..)

I never thought that a really good day could just go completely downhill in a matter of minutes.
It was a sunny Wednesday morning, and I was in 2nd period, working on a project with my group. We had worked really hard on it and it was almost complete. I was feeling really proud of it and was expecting at least an A.
Not only was I feeling great about my grade in the toughest class I'd ever been in, but I also had made a brand new friend the other day and had made plans to spend the night over at their house for the first time next week.
Everything was going well so far and I was hoping that everything else would go just as good for the rest of the day.
I was a bit shaky, though. Tornado sirens that I had heard that morning had frightened me quite a bit. I'd never had to deal with a twister before, but since I lived in Kansas now, it was very likely that I could possibly deal with one any day now.
I continued to think about the sirens as i outlined the pencil-written words on the project with a marker. What if something actually goes wrong? The more I tried to dismiss the idea, the more it seemed to bother me.
I decided to take a small break from my work to try and clear my mind. I looked over at the teacher, who was pacing around a section of the room. I took a few deep breaths as my mind instantly tried to come up with excuses for her rapid movement.
She's got lots of work to grade.
She's missing one of her belongings.
She's angry at a student.
Sadly, none of these guesses were true.
A moment later, the school's tornado siren went off.

We all huddled in the same tornado safety position against the lockers.
I could hear terrified whimpers and cries around me.
I felt my heart pounding in my chest as I tried to keep calm.
Who is able to keep calm when a tornado is heading their way?
Not me.
I desperately tried to remember the rules that the teachers told us to follow if this ever were to happen.
Something flew past me. It was horribly close.
I shut my eyes tightly, mind flooding with a million different thoughts.
I thought about my family, my home, my pets, all of the things that I cared for. I even thought about the small things, like my shoes and the clothes that I wore.
I thought about how scared everyone else must be, how they must be thinking about all of their cherished items, too.
I thought about making it out of this alive.
Just then, I finally remembered a rule: never move out of the safety position.
I froze in horror when I heard four words shakily screamed above the roaring winds:
"Hey, Riley is bleeding!"
I dared to move a single hand up to my neck. I brought it down quickly.
A red liquid had coated my fingers.
I remember feeling nauseous before everything went black.

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